Customer-centric organization with James Cadman as VP Customer Success

Delivering service excellence to our customers is paramount for us. Therefore, we are establishing a new customer-oriented organizational structure with James Cadman taking over the role as Vice President (VP) for Customer Success. In his new role and together with his teams for Professional Services, Compliance Engineering and Customer Success, he will ensure the smooth delivery of our solutions and excellent customer experience.

Customer-focused organizational structure

We want to ensure that we can manage the rapid growth of our company and get closer to our customers at the same time. Therefore, we are establishing a customer-centric organizational structure consisting of three teams, each bundling skills and expertise across our locations:

  • Professional Services for on-prem Routing and Contact Center
  • Compliance Engineering for on-prem and managed/SaaS Recording
  • Customer Success for SaaS Routing and Contact Center (Luware Nimbus)

James Cadman taking on the new role as VP Customer Success

This new structure allows us to manage our rapid growth of our customer base and our teams. James Cadman will lead the teams in his new role as VP Customer Success, reporting directly to the CEO. James has over 15 years of experience in the telecom industry, and profound expertise in calling and communication solutions for Microsoft Teams. He has worked in Business Transformation, Lead Operational teams, designed Unified Communication projects for multinational customers and has been Head of Professional Services UK at Luware for several years. “With James Cadman, we have the perfect match for our new role as VP Customer Success,” states Philipp Beck, CEO at Luware. He adds: “James has a proven track record, has internalized the Luware values and we are convinced that he will enhance our internal processes and boost our customers’ experience.”

James Cadman
VP Customer Success

Professional Services Team for on-prem customer service solutions

Our local Professional Services teams in Switzerland, Germany and the UK are now joined together into one global team. The System Engineers, Project Leaders and Project Coordinators ensure the smooth delivery of our on-prem and federated Routing and Contact Center solutions at customers around the world. Many organizations are still choosing and using our on-prem solutions for Skype for Business, among them federal organizations, financial services providers and insurance companies. The experts of our Professional Services team install the solutions on our customers’ servers, configure and consult our customers on getting the most out of our products.

Compliance Engineering Team for financial compliance

Our experts for compliance recording are also joined into one global team, consisting of System Engineers and Project Managers in the UK and Switzerland. “Our dedicated Compliance Engineering team combines great expertise in the field of Financial Compliance and is responsible for the installation, configuration and support of our on-prem and cloud Recording solutions for both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams,” states James Cadman.

Joshua Wood is taking over the role as Head of Compliance Engineering to lead the growing, international team. Joshua has over seven years of experience in the design, delivery and support of enterprise solutions at global customers and has gathered extensive expertise in the field of compliance recording since he joined Luware over three years ago.

Joshua Wood
Head of Compliance Engineering

Customer Success Team for Luware Nimbus

For our brand-new customer service suite Luware Nimbus, we are building a completely new team to take over the onboarding, adoption and retention of customers. Since Nimbus is cloud-native and built and running on Azure, setup is extremely easy and does not require in-depth technical understanding. Our Customer Success Specialists guide our customers through the setup and configuration and will consult them on how to get the most out of our solutions. “Customers think in challenges and use cases – not in features. Our customer success specialists consult them on how they can cover other use cases that they might not have thought about,” explains James Cadman.

Customer and employee experience

James is excited about his new role as VP Customer Success. He says: “I have two goals. One – I want to build a customer-oriented organization where we can help our customers transform their customer service and can get the most out of our solutions. Two – I want to provide an employee experience where our Luwarians can take over new responsibilities and roles, build expertise in their fields, take a proactive part in shaping customer experiences and grow personally and professionally together with Luware.”

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