Improved business processes with Luware Nimbus

Learn more about how to improve your business processes with the latest Nimbus features.

Extended service owner role

To relieve pressure from tenant administrators and to empower supervisors, we have extended the service owner role. Supervisors can now manage the skills of the agent in their service themselves. Supervisors can now quickly react to changes in their staff, resulting in a more agile contact center.

Direct transfer to voicemail in the Attendant Console

Do your receptionists get run over with sales pitches and requests for management? With the new direct transfer to voicemail feature in the Attendant Console, receptionists can now transfer these calls directly to the management’s voicemail. That way, management gets informed about all the calls and can decide about the course of action without committing to a conversation. Improve business processes and save time with the new feature that is available for both the Safe Transfer and Blind Transfer buttons in the Attendant Console.