How Fust Connects Customers to the Right Employee

Many things are easier at the Fust Contact Center today – the automatic distribution of customer calls, activating additional staff and reporting. With the skill-based routing of Luware’s Contact Center solution, the Swiss retailer for household appliances and home electronics manages the various skills and depth of know-how of each employee, sets up workflows efficiently and distributes work optimally.

Fust connects customers with LUCS to the right employee

Dipl. Ing. Fust AG is the leading supplier of electrical household appliances, multimedia, kitchen and bathroom. The nationwide service organization offers comprehensive services regarding their products, such as home delivery, installation and repair. Fust gladly helps with questions and problems – in German, French and Italian. This is enabled by Contact Center agents and back office staff at various locations.

In the past: Location-based routing

Customer calls were forwarded to the responsible employees via a traditional telephone system depending on the location. The multi-linguistics of Switzerland and the wide range of services offered by Fust posed a challenge to this setup. Furthermore, VOIP and mobile telephony decreased the effectiveness of location-based routing, because the area code is no longer unambiguous.

Company-wide use of Skype for Business

Fust decided to replace their telephone system and use Skype for Business across the company. Luware’s partner Baggenstos supported Fust during this transition: the service provider set up the necessary infrastructure and installed Skype for Business on the Fust servers. Fust now uses Skype for Business throughout the company – from Contact Center agent to back office employee.

Today: Skill-based routing

With Luware’s Contact Center solution LUCS, the call forwarding in Skype for Business has been fundamentally redesigned. Fust assigns skills to each employee, e.g. Italian, French, German – but also topics such as disposition, installation, online shop, repairs, order processing, branch service as well as internal IT support. In addition, expertise can be assigned for each skill, e.g. basic knowledge, advanced knowledge and expert. New employees work productively for a selected subject area after a short introductory period and later expand their knowledge. In addition to skills and expertise, responsibilities are also defined directly via LUCS.

Christian Toff Fust
“Skill-based routing has enabled us to simplify our workflows significantly.”
Christian Toff, project manager at Fust

Activating additional employees in hectic times

Fust manages opening hours and regional holidays simply, via the Outlook calendar. Especially busy times such as Black Friday or before Christmas mean there are many more customer inquiries. By simply activating trained staff, Fust can adapt their contact center to such fluctuations.

Efficient workflows

Customers are matched with an employee with the right skills depending on the subject and language. It is irrelevant where the employee is located. “Skill-based routing has enabled us to simplify our workflows significantly. Luware supported us with their know-how to set up the routing efficiently and optimally distribute the calls to the agents. Today, we can also adapt all workflows ourselves,” explains Christian Toff, project manager at Fust.

Martin Bosshard FUST
“The real-time KPIs allow us to react quickly.”
Martin Bosshard, Head of Customer Service Retail at Fust

Reacting faster thanks to real-time reporting

Reporting is simple and clear. Dashboards and reports can be configured by the customer service manager himself, so that supervisors can track their KPIs in the browser at any time. More in-depth analyses are assessed in Power BI. For Martin Bosshard, Head of Customer Service Retail at Fust, this enables speed and flexibility: “The KPIs are in real time; this allows us to react quickly and, if necessary, to activate additional staff to respond to customer inquiries.”

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