Agile, Do-it-Yourself IVRs for Teams

Empower your business departments to make changes to IVRs themselves, without having to go through IT. With the simplicity and speed-to-market of our IVRs, they can adapt to changes, volatile call volumes, and internal needs to improve efficiency and customer service.

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Instant Changes

Hail storm, a natural desaster, outage of a system – some scenarios are unpredictable and unplannable. Being able to change IVRs instantly, enables businesses to shift priorities and adapt announcements, opening hours and staff to sudden changes.

Democratizing Technology

Old software required programming skills to make adaptations, integrations, and changes. Luware Nimbus offers optimized user experiences and empowers business departments to set up complex, no-code workflows within minutes.

Independence From IT

Lenghty change requests and approval processes through the IT deparments make adaptations slow and complicated. Therefore, we empower the line of business to make changes in the IVRs themselves, in a intuitive, simple user interface.

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Manage IVRs Yourself

Empower your line of business to set up and adapt IVRs easily themselves.

No-code Workflow Editor

Team owners use the intuitive workflow editor to easily set up and manage their IVRs. By drag-and-dropping the elements on the canvas and connecting them, they can do everything themselves, without the help of IT.

Humanlike Text to Speech

We are using Azure Cognitive Services for natural sounding text to speech announcements for your IVRs. Choose from over 200 voices and 50 languages and variants and change your IVR announcements any time with immediate effect.

Full control over your queues

Manage your IVRs, queueing options, time limits, overflow targets, voicemails, opening hours and of course – customer input options. Easily add another queue, a transfer target or voicemail to your IVR.

Manage users yourself

Any team member can take calls; team owners can manage team members as well as the entire IVRs. Employees receive the calls coming through the IVR right within Teams – just as any other call.

Connect to anyone

Define for each customer input where the call will be transferred to. Select either a user, a team/service, or an external number.