Degussa Bank Creates Digital Proximity With Customers

In order to personally engage with customers online, Degussa Bank developed a Digital Bank Shop with the help of Luware. Axel Schardt, Lead Skill & Service Level Management at Degussa Bank AG, gives insights into the project.

“Azure Communication Services (ACS) and other Microsoft365 components inspired us to develop our Digital Bank-Shop in collaboration with Luware. Luware uses ACS to provide a Teams endpoint in our Digital Bank-Shop: Our customers from all over the country can see the presence status of their bank advisor and start a video or voice call. This allows us to seamlessly extend the Teams-based Intelligent Communications & Collaboration approach to our customers and partners.

We have transformed the ‘physical distance’ created by digital transformation, as well as the changes in customer behavior, into a new form of personal ‘digital proximity’. Our pioneering decision during the pandemic for the Digital Bank-Shop was right – both employees and customers welcomed the convenient, digital interaction.

To meet the requirements from Mifid II/Financial Compliance Recording for the Digital Bank-Shop, we implemented Luware Recording, which is certified for Microsoft Teams. This proved to be a groundbreaking choice, as Luware Recording can record all communication platforms and channels, allowing us to continue relying on this solution even with the introduction of ACS.

Thanks to the seamless use of ACS across different devices, we are convinced of the technology approach and are looking forward to further developments of ACS, particularly in the area of collaboration. We expect that these new developments will enable us to provide entirely new banking and financial services, thus setting us on a new growth path.”

Axel Schardt, Lead Skill & Service Level Management at Degussa Bank AG

In the digital bank shop. customers personally connect with bank advisors.

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