24/7 Customer Proximity At Mobiliar

The joint forces of Luware’s LUCS contact center solution at Mobi24 and TeamManager routing application for the general agencies provide optimal support for the decentralized organizational structure of Mobiliar. This means that an even betterfaster and more competent customer service is provided locally to customers.

Contact Center agent at Mobiliar

Every third household in Switzerland is insured with Mobiliar. The all-line insurer has an insurance premium volume of CHF 3,5 billion. 79 general agencies with their own claims service guarantee proximity to almost 1,7 million customers from their 160 locations. Mobi24 Call-Service-Center AG, the assistance and emergency call center of Mobiliar, is available for customers 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

“Luware comprehensively covered the requirements of a large insurance company with a decentralized organization.”
Christoph Bigler, Project Manager at Mobiliar

Extensive requirements of a decentralized service organization

Mobiliar’s previous call and contact center infrastructure, based on a conventional telephone system, was susceptible to faults, no longer up to date and needed to be replaced. The goal was to harmonize the entire communication and collaboration infrastructure and to equip employees throughout the company with a uniform platform that could be used from any location without additional hardware.

Existing synergies between the headquarters, general agencies and various call and contact centers were to be further developed. The Mobi24 contact center must ensure 7×24 availability. In addition to an extensive catalog of functional and operational requirements, integration into the existing Skype for Business communication platform and Siebel CRM was a must.

LUCS and TeamManager suitably cover these extensive requirements

Mobiliar has chosen the contact center solution LUCS, based on Skype for Business, and the recording solution Verint Financial Compliance. They are complemented with the already existing routing solution TeamManager used at the general agencies.

LUCS is deployed at Mobi24, as well as at the IT service desk, the customer service center of Mobiliar Leben in Nyon, the legal advice service JurServices of Protekta and the customer service of Swisscaution. TeamManager enables the intelligent forwarding of requests within the general agencies. It ensures that incoming calls are forwarded directly to Mobi24 outside business hours.

“Luware comprehensively covered the requirements of a large insurance company with a decentralized organization. We were also convinced by the successful use of LUCS and TeamManager at well-known companies in Switzerland and abroad,” explains Christoph Bigler, project manager at Mobiliar.

Implementation of LUCS in several stages

The project was carried out in several stages in order for the project team to learn from experience.

  • Service Desk IT: In a first phase of the project, the existing call center solution in the Service Desk IT was replaced.
  • Swisscaution, Nyon Customer Service, Protekta JurServices: The contact centers at Swisscaution, the customer service in Nyon and JurServices of Protekta followed in the next stages.
  • Mobi24: The Mobi24 contact center was the last to go – it has the highest complexity and runs 7×24. This is where the experience gained in previous project phases paid off: The solutions went live on schedule.
  • Additional communication channels: Currently, further communication channels such as chat, co-browsing and the connection to consumer Skype are being activated; the range of functionalities of the reporting function will be expanded once again.

Christoph Bigler’s concludes: “The team worked together efficiently and with great spirit: Everyone knew their responsibilities, took the initiative and completed the necessary tasks on time.”

“A comprehensive Mobi24 reporting system facilitates the operational management of customer service staff”
Roland Grossrieder, Head of Business Development at Mobi24

Positive feedback from employees, management and customers

Thanks to the CRM connection, employees have access to customer information right from the start of a conversation. This improves the consultations and shortens the duration of the interview. “A comprehensive Mobi24 reporting system facilitates the operational management of customer service staff,” adds Roland Grossrieder, Head of Business Development at Mobi24.

Contact Center agent at Mobiliar

Employees have access to customer information right from the start of a conversation.

Furthermore, the new solution enables the company to react quickly and efficiently to new scenarios and circumstances and, if necessary, to activate additional employees in the contact center. With the configuration options offered by LUCS, Mobiliar can now implement new requirements independently and at short notice.The introduction of the new contact center solution was positively received by employees and management alike. Power users are enthusiastic about the extended range of functionalities and customers benefit from the increased availability and shorter processing times.

Further development of the customer interface

Roland Grossrieder summarizes: “The pleasant and purposeful cooperation between our employees, Mobiliar IT and Luware was the key to success. Luware promises potential for further developments at the customer interface at Mobi24. I am looking forward to that!”

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