Customer service reimagined

When he invented the car, Henry Ford said “had [I] asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” When we developed Luware Nimbus, we took that same mindset and completely reimagined customer service. We threw away our preconceptions of what a contact center should look like and challenged everything – the functionality, the technology, and our mindset about customer service. We wanted to develop solutions not just features. So instead of simply rebuilding old solutions with newer technologies, we reimagined the contact center.

We have been in the contact center software development and customer service industry for over 11 years and have gained valuable insights throughout that time. When we developed Luware Nimbus, our cloud-native customer service suite, we didn’t just adapt the functionality of our on-prem contact center solution for the cloud. Instead, we focused on providing solutions to our customers’ challenges and focused on flexibility, self-service, and simplicity. We used our experience and customer feedback to create a customer service suite that solves challenges in new ways.

Flexibility: Easy license, user, and project management

Organizations have a multitude of telephony and contact center use cases such as call groups, queues, internal helpdesks, informal or formal contact centers. Too often there is a similarly large amount of software solutions for these use cases. Complex solutions and fragmented IT landscapes are a nightmare to manage, keep up to date, and integrate with other systems. This creates a high workload for IT departments, who spend a lot of time with complicated user management and adapting workflows for the line of business, instead of driving digitalization and pursuing more interesting topics.

When we developed our new software, we wanted to cover all scenarios that incorporate Teams Voice and digital human interactions into a single application. Luware Nimbus tailors to various use cases and comes in different modules and add-ons that can be mixed and matched in order to cater to organizations individual needs. Advanced and Enterprise Routing modules can be used for Sales and the IT helpdesk respectively, there is an Attendant Console add-on for receptionists, and a Contact Center module for the formal customer service.

Luware Nimbus offers a new approach, in which customer service becomes part of the organization wide communication strategy. Contact centers experience volatile and unpredictable call volumes, which requires a process for fast and easy staffing adaptations. Since Luware Nimbus uses Teams as the client and communication platform, any Teams user can be added to customer service without the need for additional training.

Since Luware Nimbus is a modular suite wrapped in a single application, it only needs to be installed once for the entire organization. Tenant administration is centralized and accessible from any place and at any time. The line of business also has the rights to manage their own use cases. This facilitates license, user as well as project management. Organizations can start with simple use cases (call groups, receptions), and easily add users and modules or add-ons over time to use Luware Nimbus for further use cases such as the contact center.

Self-service: Empowering the line of business

In the past, hardcoded call flows or adapting opening hours required change requests from the internal IT department, or even worse, the solution provider. The line of business struggled to adapt to an everchanging world and to maintain a good customer service. In developing Luware Nimbus, it was important to us to empower the line of business. The intuitive and graphic interface allows employees to make simple changes themselves, which increases business agility and speed.

To dig into the true value of customer interactions, the employees must have access to all information to provide the quality of service. Therefore, integrations of the contact center solution into other systems are crucial. These use to be tedious and take up a lot of time – which often caused projects to take a long time. Because of the importance of such integrations, we have built a Power Automate connector already into the first release because it gives an abundance of opportunities to our customers and partners. Integrations and automations with CRM, ticketing tools, ERPs, address books, or the business intelligence tool become very easy and incredibly fast – and can even be done by the line of business.

Simplicity: Only the features that are truly needed

Traditional contact centers are defined by dedicated call center agents that use specialized software tools. In this setting, agents have to navigate multiple tools and often spend more time switching between applications to find information and solutions, than serving the customer. Luware Nimbus is deeply integrated with Teams and feels like part of the platform. By adding further functionalities to Teams, it turns the platform into an Experience Hub for all interaction management. Thanks to the simple integration possibilities with Power Automate, all the relevant information can be accessed right inside Luware Nimbus, giving agents a 360° customer view. Relevant context information increases agent productivity and increases problem resolution. A further benefit is that employees are less stressed and happier, which in turn increases the customer experience.

User experience is key for user adoption and the quality of customer service and should not be sacrificed for functionality. That is why the user interface in Luware Nimbus was designed and optimized for users. The modules are tailored to use cases and give users the required functionality and information. Features were reduced to the maximum so that employees have exactly what they need and only what they need.

The Teams-like user experience ensures that Luware Nimbus feels intuitive from the get-go. Luware Nimbus has a consistent look and feel that blends into Teams. Thus, it requires almost no training – end user training usually involves a general Microsoft Teams training or how to get most out of the Workflow Editor and Power Automate.


When we developed our cloud-native contact center, we didn’t just force old processes into modern technology, we reimagined customer service. The result: Luware Nimbus – a flexible customer service suite with simple self-service features that empowers the line of business and employees.

Luware Nimbus

  • covers all use cases for Teams Voice and interaction management
  • offers a variety of modules and add-ons that can be mixed and matched for different use cases
  • incorporates the customer service into a wider organizational communication strategy
  • empowers the line of business through self-service features
  • offers fast and simple integrations with Power Automate
  • is fully native to Microsoft Teams
  • has a modern UI that feels intuitive from the get-go