Nearly certified as the first and only Extended Contact Center solution for Microsoft Teams

Status: 90% complete. We are only one step away from being completely certified for our Extended Contact Center solution for Microsoft Teams. We are the first and only solution provider that offers an Extended instead of a Connected Contact Center. Sometimes you are alone but still at the right place.

Microsoft Certification program

Microsoft’s Contact Center Certification program for Microsoft Teams provides customers with the assurance that each participating partner’s solution was tested and verified to provide the quality, compatibility, and reliability that is expected from Microsoft solutions.

Solution providers are obliged to reveal the solutions’ technical architecture. Solutions are consequently tested in terms of functionality, use cases as well as security. Certification is not just a one-off assurance, as Microsoft regularly reviews the contact center solutions in its certification program.

Connected vs. Extended Contact Center solutions

Whilst there are already a handful of certified Connected Contact Center solutions, to date, there are no Certified Extended Contact Center solutions – Luware Nimbus is the first and only one currently in this category. The main difference between Connected and Extended Contact Center solutions is that the former only use presence APIs to loosely connect their solution with Teams whereas an Extended Contact Center is a fully API-based integration utilizing the entire Cloud Communication Graph API to extend Teams with contact center functionality.

We have decided against submitting our previous Connected Contact Center solution (Stratus Team and Stratus Agent; not sold anymore) and instead to fully focus on our Extended Contact Center, Nimbus. Nimbus is a completely new solution built from scratch that was launched in February 2021. It entered the Certification program straight away, but a rigorous certification process takes time – for both Luware and Microsoft. We had to gather and submit all the documentation for this brand-new product and Microsoft does thorough reviewing and testing. Being the first and only Extended Contact Center, the certification process is also new ground for Microsoft.

95% complete

We have already completed most of the certification process:

Instant success

Nimbus is still young but looking at the following KPIs from the end of June 2021, the enormous potential becomes evident:

  • 213 customers
  • 2163 users
  • 6098 daily interactions
  • Mid-size and Enterprise customers from all sectors: manufacturing, energy sector, banking, insurance, retail and others

Launching a new product is not always smooth sailing, but we are pleased with how the setup and operations went. The feedback is very positive. Here is what our customers are saying (uncensored):

  • “I freaking love Nimbus.”
  • “Very nice solution for Teams, great functionality, and very good UI.”
  • “Ease of use, high user acceptance, full integration with Microsoft Teams client.”
  • “Good solution and perfect support from Luware.”