• The future of customer service is personal. And digital.

    Offer your customers holistic online consultations that are legally compliant. With Luware Interact, you can integrate voice and video calls, chats and screen sharing directly into a website. Your customers don’t have to install anything, and your employees communicate directly through their Microsoft Teams client.

  • Luware Nimbus:
    Teams’ sidekick for customer service

    Microsoft Teams has a lot of superpowers and truly masters collaboration. What about customer service?
    Don’t despair! Microsoft Teams’ sidekick Luware Nimbus brings comprehensive features which integrate customer communication seamlessly into Teams.

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Native integration

Luware Nimbus is our comprehensive customer service suite. It uses the new Microsoft Graph API and the most modern technology. The cloud-native, SaaS application minimizes IT infrastructure, reduces complexity and makes the setup extremely fast and flexible. Nimbus runs on Azure and it is built on Azure – which brings the full power of the Microsoft ecosystem and Teams to your customer service.