Making customer interactions easy and convenient.
For every employee.

Routing and Contact Center solutions for Microsoft platforms

Driven by our customers’ needs, managed by our founders: We are over 80 Luwarians with a passion for simple software and high service quality. For 10 years we have been developing solutions for Microsoft platforms that make customer interactions convenient and easy – for every employee within the company. We empower them to support customers efficiently and deliver personal service experiences.

“Luware comprehensively covered the requirements of a large insurance company with a decentralized organization.” Christoph Bigler, project manager at Mobiliar
“Employees can serve customers from anywhere, and resourcing requirements and workload distribution can be met real-time.” Jo Ringrose-Voase, Synamedia
“It was remarkable how quickly and easily Luware Stratus Team could be configured to meet our needs.” Stefanie Hürlimann, CREALOGIX
“With LUCS and TeamManager from Luware, the wishes and requirements in the area of contact centers and operator switchboards are fully covered.” Jakob Hauser, Head of Customer Interaction Solutions, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
“All the employees really appreciate that voice, chat and desktop sharing are all supported by one client.” Robert Coomans, Service Manager for Contact Center Technology
“True to the motto of ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’, our staff members can now communicating with their clients efficiently, seamlessly and consistently.” Paolo DeCarli, Program Manager/Director

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