5 Tips to set up call queues and group calls in Microsoft Teams

When someone calls your service line, they expect a quick response. Long call queues lead to customer frustration and call abandonment. Setting up call queues correctly is therefore imperative to improving customer experience. You will also see employee experience and productivity rise.  Below are 5 Tips on how the get the most out of your call queues.

#1 – Visualize it

Use a visual editor to map out possible customer journey routes. This helps you predict customer needs and allows you to set up simple workflows accordingly.

#2 – Empower employees

Reduce your reliance on IT and allow team leaders to change workflows themselves. This may include changing opening hours, managing high call volumes, adding members to the team, or changing announcements. Empowering employees to make these changes makes it possible to quickly adapt to an ever-changing market and the needs of your customers.

#3 – Make it personal

Use caller information and routing rules to deliver a personal and efficient call experience. That could mean using the caller’s the country code to connect them with an employee from their area or using the number to retrieve information froma CRM, such as name, last purchases, or open tickets. Providing your employees with such information will reduce call handling time, which will delight customers and agents alike.

#4 – Harness the power of data

Analyze the reporting data on your call queues and adapt your workflows and staffing accordingly. This allows you to optimize wait times and workload distribution. Define overflow targets and use voicemails to deliver a customer-friendly experience.

#5 – Use IVRs

Avoid unnecessary transfers by connecting the customer with the right employee from the start. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to manage a high call volume. If used correctly, these voice menus (e.g. press 1 for Sales or 2 for Finance) increase first contact resolution.

Call queueing solution for Microsoft Teams

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