130 customers, 2000 daily calls, 1000 users - The 3-months Nimbus success story

Only launched in January with the first solutions for call queuing and routing, Nimbus is already proving to be a great success. Our native customer service solution is being employed by various organizations around the world and it makes us proud to finally see Nimbus in action. We built Nimbus from scratch over the last three years and we are thrilled by the response and KPIs from the last three months. It is exciting to watch our customer base grow and Nimbus evolve.

Over 2000 daily calls, 1000 users and 300 services

Luware Nimbus is our modular customer service suite that uses the most modern technology and the latest Microsoft Graph API, is cloud-native and fully integrated into the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Nimbus was built from scratch to enter a new era in Luware history.

A number of mid-size companies and multi-national enterprises are already using Nimbus. Currently over 2000 daily interactions (calls) are routed and distributed through our Nimbus solutions. We have already reached over 300 services (phone lines, call groups, call queues) and around 1000 users are answering calls that were distributed through Nimbus.

130 customers and partner tenants in three months

Since the launch of Luware Nimbus, we have onboarded over 130 customers and partners. Our customer base is growing exponentially. How can we explain this? Because Nimbus’ SaaS model and truly native architecture facilitates the onboarding process tremendously. No more IT infrastructure or server installations. With a few clicks, we can get our customers up and running. “It is great to have a product which integrates fully into our Microsoft 365 strategy,” says Magnus Hafner, LucaNet

Growth of Luware customers over time

Onboarded within 1 hour

The onboarding process of Nimbus is a game-changer. Customers can go live within an hour. The record for setting up Nimbus is currently set at 12 minutes – from installing the app on Microsoft Teams, to provisioning Nimbus to a team, setting up the PSTN number to answering the first call using Nimbus.

The setup is not only fast but also simple. The process is so intuitive, that one of our partners set it up entirely by themselves on a Sunday evening. We were quite surprised to check our statistics one Monday morning to see a new tenant running on Nimbus.

Partners bring expertise and best practices to customers

Speaking of partners – Nimbus has also facilitated the work of our telco and integration partners. Since Nimbus is built and running on Azure, and thanks to our tenant setup, partners can onboard customers themselves and link to their tenant. We are working with selected partners for our Nimbus solutions and this partner network is continuously growing.

“With Luware Nimbus, we are finally able to deliver a solution to our customers that enables them to use Teams in their entire telephony, including for call groups, receptions, attendants, help desks, and customer service,” says Marco Denzler from Entec. Partners bring added value for customers through their expertise in telephony and customer service: They help customers to set up and manage workflows following best practices and establish automations and integrations with Nimbus using Power Automate.

How does the journey continue?

Our current Nimbus solutions already allow us to cover various customer service scenarios:

  • Routing for service- and helpdesks, call queues, main numbers, hotlines, and informal contact centers
  • Recording for quality management and compliance recording
  • Attendant Console for operators, receptions, assistants, and frequent callers

Further Nimbus solutions are on our roadmap:

  • Contact Center with skill-based routing, live dashboards, and more for large-scale contact centers
  • Web & App Interact for online consulting, virtual bank shops, video sales, and web chats

The beauty of Nimbus is that it is one service and our Nimbus solutions are feature bundles tailored to different use cases. This has the advantage that customers only need to install Nimbus once in their Teams and can then use it in the entire organization. This simplifies their application landscape and facilitates the migration process to Teams. Customers can decide, which employees, departments, or phone lines require which solution and can then flexibly add users or departments anytime, or also upgrade to another Nimbus solution.