10th birthday, 2.4M sessions, 1000 demos, +14 Luwarians – our 2020 in numbers

What a ride! 2020 was special – also in many good ways. We are looking back at a successful year in which we overcame challenges and launched into a new era; a new way of communication, collaboration and customer interactions. This is Luware 2020 in numbers.

Microsoft Teams skyrockets

Last year, many businesses had to make rapid changes to ensure they can continue to provide the excellent customer service. Microsoft Teams, and with it our Teams-based solutions, have skyrocketed in popularity. We have supported many new and existing customers in their journey to migrate to Microsoft Teams and getting their customer service up and running during last year.

  • 163 customers on Teams-based solutions
  • 916 Contact Center agents
  • 1320 Routing users
  • 591 Recording users
  • 1755 Call queues
  • 2,415,000 contact center sessions

Product launches and continuous development

Our Development team was working on multiple fronts: on the launch of new products, the further development of our existing solutions and on getting our brand-new customer service suite Luware Nimbus ready to launch.

  • 2 product launches for Microsoft Teams: Contact Center and Recording
  • 22 new product releases across our on-prem and SaaS product portfolio
  • 487 bugs fixed
  • Luware Nimbus is announced to arrive in the beginning of 2021

The year of the online demos

‘Can you hear me?’ was probably one of the most said sentences in the Sales team last year. Technology struggles were soon replaced by hot ears due to head-to-tail online demos.

A rather formal than organizational change is that David Fischer is taking over the role as Chief Sales Officer (CSO). He was the leading force in establishing a global sales organization with a customer-focused approach and is now also officially taking over all sales responsibilities from me, Philipp Beck. Him and his team haven been heavy users of our phone lines and Teams client last year:

  • 1000+ online demos
  • 20 million phone calls (approximately, not empirically)
  • 20 new SaaS partners

David Fischer is taking over the role as Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Professional Services

Our professional service team has been extremely busy with setting up solutions at our customers, consulting, supporting and training them in the rollout. Due to the huge demand in our solutions, our professional services team has grown, and we took the opportunity to restructure it to support the ongoing growth and to deliver better service to our customers.

Many new team members

The Luware family has grown in all departments and we are still looking for new members for our teams.

  • 14 new Luwarians
  • First 2 women in the Professional Services team
  • Currently, over 8 positions open

Some of our new Luwarians – and we are excited to welcome more to the Luware family.

Major Luware events

We missed meeting other Luwarians in person, enjoying after work food and drinks, spontaneous get togethers or just having a coffee break. Video calls, virtual gatherings and few in-person meetings could compensate a little bit and nurture our company spirit.

  • 34 office desks and many other things moved to our new office in Zurich
  • 10 years Luware with virtual party – to be continued in person
  • 72 Luwarians at our end-of-year Townhall meeting including gift unwrapping

Random facts

Just a few random fun facts of what our Luwarians got up to this year.

  • 4 kilograms gummy bears eaten in the UK (as opposed to 20kg in a normal year)
  • 114 virtual after work get-togethers
  • 3 Luwarian babies born (to be welcomed to our team in 20 years 😉)

Excited for 2021!

2020 was a crazy ride for Luware – and we will continue like this in 2021. We are excited to:

  • Welcome more Luwarians to our team
  • Onboard new and existing customers on our SaaS products
  • Launch our brand-new customer service suite Luware Nimbus
  • And to hopefully meet you all in person again!

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