The City of Lucerne counts on LUCS and TeamManager

The comprehensive needs analysis by the City of Lucerne led to a platform and product-independent World Trade Organization (WTO) tender process. The contract was awarded to Swisscom and Luware, which includes Luware's Microsoft Skype for Business, LUCS, TeamManager and PresenceAssistant, as well as Verint Verba's recording solution.

Lucerne is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. The region around the city offers a high life quality and unique possibilities, be it culturally or in the wonderful nature surrounded by mountains and lakes. The city itself has around 85,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the canton of Lucerne. It is the location of universities and technical colleges as well as the Cultural Center of Central Switzerland. The City of Lucerne is one of the main employers of the region. Motivated employees are the capital of every company. As an attractive and dependable employer, the City of Lucerne has around 1,700 employees and 900 teachers in more than 100 different fields and trains over 60 apprentices in 12 professions – all these employees are highly committed to the city and its citizens.

Swisscom and Luware win WTO tender process

In the run-up to the tendering process, the requirements for a modern communications and collaboration infrastructure were determined together with a representative group of employees. The findings were then agreed between the representatives of the individual directorates. The comprehensive needs analysis led to a platform and product-independent World Trade Organization (WTO) tender process. The contract was awarded to Swisscom and Luware, which includes Luware’s Microsoft Skype for Business, LUCS, TeamManager and PresenceAssistant, as well as Verint Verba’s recording solution.

Paradigm change in the contact center

“With the LUCS customer service solution and the universal routing solution TeamManager from Luware, the wishes and requirements in the area of contact centers and operator switchboards are fully covered. PresenceAssistant extends the functionality of Skype for Business, further enhancing user adoption. This market-leading solution is a paradigm change in the customer service and digitized communication environment,” explains Jakob Hauser, Head of Customer Interaction Solutions at Swisscom (Switzerland) AG. Urs Bisang, Head of Project Services of the City of Lucerne adds: “It’s all about an operational change, a new way of working together. New forms of communication, away from simple PBX (Public Branch Exchange) and over to Unified Communications and Collaboration.”

Innovation and time to market are crucial

“In this project with the City of Lucerne, Luware has once again demonstrated that it is capable of providing sophisticated customer service solutions for organizations of all sizes based on Microsoft Skype for Business.” Innovation and time to market, is decisive in our business environment ‘Excellent Customer Service.’ Swisscom is using the ‘best of breed technology’ approach and is successfully implementing its vision of the future customer service business together with Luware” Jakob Hauser, Head of Customer Interaction Solutions, Swisscom (Switzerland) AG

Native integration into Skype for Business

For the City of Lucerne, the native integration of the Luware applications LUCS and TeamManager into Skype for Business was a crucial and deciding factor for the choice of the solution. This particularly because all users work with the standard Skype for Business Client, which simplifies training and is cost- and time-efficient. The Luware products complement and extend the functionality of Skype for Business without replacing them, ensuring that complex customer service requirements are met without having to use the contact center as a stand-alone solution.

True collaboration solution

“The interaction between Skype for Business and the Luware products is not just simple telephony, it’s a true collaboration solution. Team meetings can be carried out with one application regardless of the location, also enabling home office,” explains Urs Bisang. In addition to the numerous advantages in the field of collaboration, the City of Lucerne emphasizes that with the new infrastructure every call can be processed (closed loop!!).

Connection to Identity Access Management Tool

The easy connection of the Luware applications to the Identity Access Management Tool of the City of Lucerne, which automatically provides users with the user-specific applications and configures them according to their user profile, is another advantage of the chosen solution.

The introduction of Microsoft Skype for Business and the Luware applications by Swisscom proceeded without any major issues. The completed project can be considered the starting point for a successful collaboration between the City of Lucerne, Swisscom and Luware.

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