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An open culture, brilliant people, continuous development and a team guided by core values, such as quality, creativity and opportunity for everyone, no matter what we do, we promote. What is your passion? There are many reasons to work for Luware, so start your future with us!

Luwarians tell about their everyday life

No company would exist without its dedicated employees. We want to introduce you to those characters who form the worldwide Luware team.


I can get involved, change something and together we achieve the unimaginable, true to the motto “Pushing the rock uphill”. That’s what working at Luware means to me.

Simon Feth, Head of internal IT

It’s always amazing what trust our superiors give us. The after-work activities, which are organized by employees and the management, are also a lot of fun.

Steven Leu, Creative Design Specialist
Mitarbeiter Luware

At Luware, the word team player is not just a phrase, you can feel the honest commitment of everyone for everyone. This is not only perceived by us as employees, but also by our partners and customers.

Marcel Gaufroid, Account & Partner Manager

A good job has to take place in a good environment where you feel comfortable.This is definitely the case with Luware! Teamwork, flexibility, innovation, challenge are here no empty phrases – that’s what Luware stands for.

Sandra Emmanouelidis, Backoffice Manager