LUCS 3.2 improves productivity and automation

The autumn release of the contact center solution Luware LUCS improves productivity of agents and contact center managers, enhances dashboards and streamlines reporting. Furthermore, new technical features improve automation and integration into your IT infrastructure.

Import & export of workflows

Workflow structures and instances can now be exported and imported. The file validation ensures that no manipulations or corrupt files enter your system. This allows you to quickly share workflows between installations, e.g. to copy & paste workflows from test to production systems or for migration scenarios.


Not-ready reasons

Employees can now switch between “not-ready reasons”. They no longer have to go through the “available” state to change the reason why they are not yet ready for the next call. Additionally, the “reset” option allows them to switch their presence state back to default without using Skype for Business. This avoids tasks being assigned to agents while they are not ready for the next customer inquiry.


KPI widgets

The new KPI widgets show service-KPIs in a table grouped per organization unit. You can add flexible filters for your organizational units to group results. This gives you detailed Key Performance Indicators at a glance.


Streamlined reporting

The improved and streamlined reporting in Excel and Power BI makes it easy to analyze data. We recommend using Power BI as it provides easier access to your data and more visual clarity. New features for reporting include:

  • Templates by year, month, week and day
  • Target SIP for external targets
  • Consultative calls towards internal services are considered and evaluated as one call, resulting in effective customer calls and thus more meaningful data.
  • Customer path report shows a simplified view of the route taken by the customer’s call through the contact center.
  • Comparison with the same period of the previous year, month, week or day
  • Change of ‘not-ready reason’
  • Additional metrics for agent states: LUCS Online, off duty, PC off, login/Logoff time, durations

Streamlined reporting for PowerBI


Web requests

LUCS is now capable to parse through multiple return-parameters in external web requests, mapping them to internal values for further handling. Furthermore, there is a new switch option for the existing external web requests. Users can assign different workflows depending on the return code of the external web request, e.g. success, info, redirect, client or server errors. Thanks to these improvements, multiple external information can now be requested directly from a LUCS workflow and used internally for dedicated workflow routing, CRM integration or reporting.


API provisioning

The LUCS API has been updated with a new functionality, allowing you to manage tasks and handle provisioning of multiple agents or users with ease. You can create, update or delete users directly through the API.