Stratus Team October 2019 Update

Our Stratus product team has been working hard in the last couple of months to provide you with advanced call routing solutions that make your transition to Microsoft Teams an easy one. We’re proud to announce a new release of Luware Stratus Team, which will be available to you as of October 1, 2019.

Opening hour calendar

We have added built-in opening hour calendars. You no longer need Exchange mailboxes for your opening hours. From now on, you can manage the opening hours of your teams directly in the Stratus Team interface.


Self-service user management

You can now add and remove users from the system without having to wait. Furthermore, the team memberships of users can now be fully managed by yourself.


Role-based access

We have further enhanced the self-service capabilities by introducing the user role of “Tenant Administrator” and improving the user role of “Team Administrator.” With this new role-based concept, you can administer users and teams in a secure and organized way:

Tenant Administrators can…

  • Add and Remove users to the system
  • Manage team memberships
  • Nominate Team Administrators
  • Create and manage opening hour calendars
  • Change call flow assignments on teams
  • Manage workflow resources
Team Administrator can…

  • Manage team memberships
  • Manage opening hours
  • Manage forwarding targets
  • Configure voicemail targets
  • Manage workflow resources for your teams


When is this going to happen?

The new update will be available as of October 1, 2019. You will receive a maintenance notification from our support team with the date and time this update will be applied to your Stratus Team.