Luware CEO brings business perspective to the Microsoft Airlift

At the Microsoft Airlift conference last week, selected Microsoft employees, Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) and Microsoft partners discussed the further development of Microsoft products at their Headquarters in Redmond. Technical experts and early adopters, among them Luware CEO Philipp Beck, were invited.

How will the Microsoft products evolve in the future? Together with around 50 other experts, our CEO Philipp Beck took part at the event to discuss the further development of the Microsoft products, ask questions, give feedback and bring the business perspective into the Microsoft roadmap.

Getting answers first-hand

“It is a great opportunity to talk to the people who have developed the products directly,” explains Philipp Beck. He adds: “At the Airlift, I can talk to the product engineers personally and ask them about the reasons why certain features and functionalities have been implemented in a particular way. Furthermore, they value feedback on ongoing projects and future planning.”

Input from a customer needs’ perspective

In addition to the sessions which cover in-dept technical topics, there are small workshops where the Microsoft developers present design sketches and explain their product vision. Participants are able to give feedback, add their input and discuss different topics. “Microsoft employees are extremely open to learn more about our business perspective. Since we are much closer to the market and the customer’s needs, we can give them valuable insights in what the market is asking for. For us, this collaboration is highly beneficial since we can influence the cycle at an early stage and therewith impact product development to serve our products and customers in the best way possible,” explains Philipp Beck.

“The close collaboration with Microsoft is highly beneficial since we can influence the cycle at an early stage.” Philipp Beck, Luware CEO

Close collaboration for many years

As our software solutions are seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, we have nurtured a close collaboration with Microsoft over many years. We are proud that our expertise is taken on board for the future development of Microsoft’s products and value the trust and first-hand information given to us to further develop our own solutions. Philipp Beck adds: “It was fantastic to participate at the Airlift. Thank you to the Microsoft employees for the great discussions and answering my, sometimes challenging questions.”

Philipp Beck, Luware CEO, brought home a nice pair of Microsoft Teams socks as well as a lot of valuable input from the Microsoft Airlift.