We are ready for a new version: LUCS and TeamManager 3.1


The new release of LUCS and TeamManager will be launched in time for the first quarter of 2019 and contains new functional areas as well as improvements in the web configurator and performance. This release also supports the new Skype for Business version 2019.New API Live Reporting Functions (LUCS/TM)

The release supports the following new functions in the API Live Reporting:

  • Task information per service/team: shows tasks (ordered by longest waiting time)
  • “Longest Waiting Task” of a specific service/team: shows tasks with the longest waiting time (QueueTimeDuration)
  • User information per service/team: lists users (order ascending by SipUri / UPN)

Distribution of External Tasks (LUCS)

The new version makes it possible to send external and medium-independent tasks (Facebook, CRM, Mail, Fax, etc.) to the Luware API. The tasks are assigned to the agents who can accept them. Also new for these tasks is the RONA, which works with the entered waiting time. The “Conversation Context” continues to open in the standard browser window.

Generic ExternalWebRequest Module and WF Activity (LUCS)

Generic Web requests from external systems are configured in the workflows. The request is flexibly defined using a text field. External systems, such as a ticket system, can therefore be connected. The query and verification of customer numbers is also possible using this interface.

Transfer Conversation Context information to Agent or Service during Consultative Transfer (LUCS)

With the consultative transfer, an agent can share the context information with other agents or services. These open in the target agent’s default browser.

Option to select for which Task Type a Startup Application Module should be triggered (LUCS)

In the configuration of the Startup Application there are now several options to start the Startup Application. Previously, the Startup Application could only be opened automatically for incoming calls via LUCS. The following options are now available:

  • Service Inbound
  • Service Outbound
  • Service Callback
  • Service External Task
  • Direct Inbound
  • Direct Outbound

Add new “LongestNoServiceCall” Distribution Policy (LUCS)

This new policy ensures that incoming service calls are distributed to the agent who has not received a service call for the longest time. Agents can no longer bypass routing by changing their presence status.


User data can be searched and anonymized with one click using the Web Configurator.

New LUCS FrontEnd Navigation

The design of the LUCS Frontend has been redesigned and is based on the same style guide as the Web Configurator. The navigation has been fixed to the left side.

DECT Forking Module (TeamManager)

With the new release it is possible for team calls to be delivered to a team user on their Skype for Business client and simultaneously on an external number. For this a number must be stored in the Active Directory field “Pager”.


Release 3.1 Webinar

Would you like to learn more about this product release? We would be happy to show to all our existing customers and partners the new functionalities live in a webinar.

The webinar will take place on April 17th, 3:00 p.m. (CET) in English and on April 16th, 10:00 a.m. (CET) in German.