LUCS and TeamManager 3.0 is now available


Luware LUCS and TeamManager 3.0 is now available. In addition to smaller fixes, the release contains the following functionalities:

Role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Enables the administration of individual user rights based on roles and organizational units. This allows rights to be assigned more specifically.┬áThere are 16 system roles, 20 functional roles and 133 objects.
  • Extended O365 Support
  • Management of multiple O365 Tenant configurations per LUCS installation
  • Management of multiple O365 / Exchange mailboxes per LUCS installation

O365 authentication

  • Read/Sync from O365 users

Luware LUCS Control API

  • Management of external tasks (e.g. e-mail, SMS, fax, etc.)
  • Initiation of Call-Back Tasks via the API
  • Standardization and optimization of the reporting data structure
  • Luware Data Mart makes the data available in a standardized form. This means that all tools (PowerBI, PowerPivot, external data queries) access the same data.
  • Complete documentation with all reporting attributes

Extension of the Customer Journey

  • The Customer Journey has been visually enhanced and contains more information at a glance.

Maintenance Mode: Redirect all SIP-Requests to the current Skype for Business Pool

  • Activation of redirection of SIP requests in case of scheduled maintenance. All SIP requests to a service are redirected via the backup pool.
  • The deactivation can run over a timer (e.g. 2h).


  • The LUCS Configurator has been completely redesigned and web-based. With the exception of the creation of workflows, all work can be carried out using the new Web Configurator.
  • Mass processing of agents
  • Mass addition of agents
  • template function
  • Add Agent Wizard

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • Luware offers with all its products the possibility to comply with the GDPR:
  • Options to search for customer interactions
  • Script for anonymizing customer personal data
  • New workflow activity for anonymizing reporting data (the customer can choose whether the data should be saved or not).

TeamManager user and team administration independent of Active Directory

  • Instead of an administration and synchronization with Active Directory, TeamManger users and teams can now be managed directly via the TeamManager frontend.
  • This is an option for customers who do not want to manage their users / teams in the AD.


Release 3.0 Webinar

Would you like to learn more about this product release? We would be happy to show to all our existing customers and partners the new functionalities live in a webinar.

The webinar will take place on November 7th, 11:00 a.m. (CET) in English. Register here.